Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hong Kong!

                                                 YUM CHA!!!!

Hi everyone,

Hong Kong is finally here. To end my wonderful holiday in Asia, our last stop was Hong Kong. The land of Yum Cha, shopping and the TVB series that I grew up watching. Hong Kong was somewhere my family and I have always wanted to go, it was holiday trip 6 years in the making : ) Not until my youngest sister finished year 12 last year did we finally make the family trip there! Well we've got one younger brother left who can't wait to grow up fast enough so that he could come with us on our next trip. He has only started year 7 so lets see if we could make the exception so we don't have to wait another 6 years for another family trip. hehe

Anyways, first night we landed in Hong Kong...what do we eat? it was 11pm and we headed for
I know what you are thinking...yes, it was crappy and unsatisfying but it was the closest place to our hotel that was still open besides the 7/11 and we were all starving and dead tired from the flight.

Our real adventure in Hong Kong began the next morning. Hong Kong was everything we thought it to be, everything we saw in the TVB series and Hong Kong movies, the streets, the buildings, the taxis, the people, everything was there. I could cry from excitement. There was so much to do and so little time hehe

Well where do I start..oh yes YUM CHA for brunch of course!!!! We didn't bother to research where was the best Yum Cha place in Hong Kong for obvious reasons...we were in Hong Kong, the land of Yum Cha, I don't think you can really go wrong hehe

We went into the first restaurant we saw, the Shamrock Seafood Restaurant which offered Yum Cha up until 11am (I think). We went overboard with the amount of dumplings that we ordered LOL: )
They had everything a normal Yum Cha restaurant would have in Australia, best thing was the price, at about $1-$3 AUD per dish. We were in food paradise!!! All the dishes tasted awesome but the best part would have to be it came up to about $7 per person. You can't get better then that!

From then on, the food just kept getting better!

Another neat little place that we spent alot of time at was Toast Box. Its a bakery / Cafe that serves really neat sweet and savory food!

Some sweets we had.....

Strawberry Danish....mmmm

Milo Dinosaur....LOL very satisfying

Hong Kong milk tea...

Hainamese Chicken lunch at Toast Box...mmmm

Noodles with eggs and luncheon meat...

Oh we also had to try the desserts and icecream on offer at the Haagan Daz cafe...mmmm sooo yummy and satisfying...

Another dessert place offering awesome strawberry sweets...called Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe! mmm

Along with a whole heap of cool franchise restaurants including, New York Fries, Mos Burgers and heaps more but I can't remember! haha

Just some New York fries...

The Mos Fish burger and The Mos burger

 The Yakiniku burger

We also ate at a whole heap of local Hong Kong restaurants including all the traditional Chinese food and banquets, Hong Kong breakfast which consists of lots of variety of dishes that includes Luncheon meat (similar to spam), the occasional Mcdonalds, lots of street food and random restaurants, Yakult, 2 minutes noodles and loads of snacks from 7eleven,  Milk tea and more milk tea and of course lots of bubble tea, and lots and lots of asian desserts!!

Peking duck banquet with Peking duck and Duck San Choy Bow....yummo!!

Soy Chicken...have to eat this when in Hong Kong! Yummmm

Apparently this restaurant below... lots of famous Hong Kong stars eat here...we had a few of their signature dishes...quite yummy!

How could I forget about the awesome desserts in Hong Kong...makes me cry thinking about it...:(

Oh and the street food....the wonderful aromas of the street food at night...

Boy do I miss Hong Kong. Everyday I would hear my family complain about how much they wanted to go back! Hong Kong was awesome and everything that we hoped it to be...including being jib on taxi fair haha Hong Kong to me is a food and shopping paradise, so if you love both, you will definitely love it!!

 The best part about Hong machines...human vs machine...human-1

 Hersheys for the WIN!!!!

Celebrating the victory with more junk food!!

Next time I have a very special posts about two of the most popular Yum Cha places that you must try while in Hong Kong which I had the privilege to eat at both! Until then, eat well and sleep well my friends...winter is coming! haha

Lots of Love,
Fat Pom Pom


  1. def a shopping and eating paradise!!! love to go back to HK again...!!

    1. Me too Anna!! Can't wait to go back to Hong Kong!