Sunday, February 19, 2012


The Nasi Lemak I had at the White Rajah....mmmm

Hi everyone,

I hope you guys enjoy reading about my food adventures in Vietnam! I definitely miss Vietnam hehe

Malaysia was the next destination on our itinerary! I have one word to describe the food in Malaysia....awesome!!! I was only there for 2 days so even though I didn't get to try street food from the street Vendors, there was plenty of delicious and cheap food around!

What hit me first in Malaysia was the sure was humid there...the air was thick, but somehow it didn't bother me as much after being in Vietnam hehe

OMG did I tell you how many different asian desserts and cakes there were...I was crying tears of joy when I saw how many variety of desserts there were...too bad we didn't have enough time or room in my stomach to try everything...oh and did I mention there was Pandan Chiffon cakes was food paradise for me...I'm such a sucker when it comes to asian desserts or any desserts for that matter hehe

We stayed at JW Marriot, right opposite to the Pavillion Centre where there was heaps of shopping and food around. On the first day, we decided to play it safe and eat in the food court Pavillion (my stomach was still unstable from being in Vietnam lol)

Below are the many varieties of food you can get from the food court:

So much variety to choose from...all of which tasted as delicious as they looked in the bain marie! mmmm if food in the food court tasted this good, what will the ones in local restaurants taste like?!?!

We did manage to eat at one small restaurant called White Rajah.

 Beef Satay sticks

 Chicken Rendang


Food was amazing there, everything we ordered was awesome....authentic or not I don't know but it tasted delicious hehe

Oh I love being in Asia!!

Keep following my blog as I will soon be posting about the many awesome Yum Cha places to eat in Hong Kong!!!!

Lots of Love,
Fat Pom Pom

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Food Adventures in Vietnam - Part 3 - Soc Trang and Can Tho

(clockwise: small apples, sugar cane drinks, Rambutans) 

Hi everyone,

Its been a long while again since I last posted.

The journey continues down south where we headed to Soc Trang, a small city way down south of Vietnam (about 6 hours drive from Saigon). My home town. My grandma's house is another hours drive from Soc Trang to another small town that probably doesn't exist on the map of Vietnam hehe. It is as far away from modern city as you can get, dirt roads, rice fields, and plenty of banana trees hehe yet there is one familiar sight...plenty of motorcycles.

It was definitely different to Saigon and Nha Trang, but in its own way my home town was just as beautiful.

While staying at my grandma's house we had plenty of fresh fruit, drinks and delicious home made food cooked by my uncles and aunties.

clockwise: Vietnamese jelly, Banh Gio with sweet coconut fillings, coconut icecream, and jackfruits!

This a specialty noodle dish of my home town, Bun Nuoc Leo Soc Trang, its made of a salty fish broth, served with rice noodles, bbq pork, fish, and shrimp and a whole heap of herbs and bean sprout! mmmm

Congee with salted eggs and pork floss....mmmmm delicious, very homey!!!

This was our last meal in Vietnam while on our ride to the airport hehe not Vietnamese at all hehe

We were lucky enough to be in Vietnam at that time as my cousins were holding their wedding at the same time we were there. I've have always been told that weddings in Vietnam are huge....I only believed in when I saw it through my own eyes, the wedding spanned over 2 days, with church ceremony, tea ceremony and many other Vietnamese traditions! There were over 700 guests but heres the crazy part, there was no reception or was all held at my grandma's house, all 700 guests!!! There was over 70 banquet table (serving 10 people each) all spread out in my grandma's front yard, backyard and side of the house...any place possible! It was a truly amazing effort and to be honest...alot of fun!

There was plenty of food and drinks! The wedding banquet consist of Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, A PorkTerrine of some kind, Roast Chicken with special sticky rice filling, Seafood Hot Pot, Prawns in Vietnamese style caramel sauce, and Ice-cream for desserts. Overall, the food was delicious...though I must say I prefer the home cooked meals and local street food over the fancy banquets, it just feels more satisfying and comforting to eat!!! hehe

Not to our surprise, there was lots of food left over so we had to eat the same thing for lunch the next day hehe

On the last day in Vietnam, we drove 2 hours to a city called Can Tho, in 2 mini buses with over 40 of my family and cousins. It was a nice city, very modern after having spent 3 days in the country side hehe we were lucky enough to be able to book all 40 people onto a massive floating restaurant that served food and live entertainment while their restaurant sailed the river for a few hours!

It was so much fun getting to know all my cousins in Vietnam better, how different your life is to theirs and what it would be like if my parents never came to Australia. There are not much opportunities in Vietnam for my younger cousins. We take for granted everything we have here in Australia, from fresh clean water to the quality of life and opportunities and options that we are presented with everyday.

Being back to Vietnam the second time has truly changed my opinion about it...I love it.

When it was time to say goodbye, it was a sad time. Everyone asked when we will return to see them again...who knows when that will be...

Good bye Vietnam, I hope to return some day soon!
Lots of Love,
Fat Pom Pom