Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinner is Served!

mmmmmm.....I can't wait to eat this again!!!

Hi guys,

Over the weekend I went to a friends house and we all cooked dinner together : ) we used to do this all the time when we were growing up & after we finished high school, we had a lot of spare time and was always cooking together at someone's house or another! These days, we have work commitments, some of my friends are married and a few with little bubs on the way: D

So it's a lot harder to get all the gang together on the one day! The last time we cooked together was probably over two years ago! Me and my friends share the same passion for cooking and food, always exchanging recipes and chatting about the latest episodes of Masterchef or which restaurant to eat at for our next catch up!

Saturday night was fun! Grocery shopping, prepping and cooking all the yummy food that we did that night, and then sitting down at the dinner table together to enjoy and savor our hardwork, not to mention everything tasted awesome!! Good job team! Hehe oh and did I mention we had a super awesome dessert also? Hehe though I was seeing my gang less often these days, it feels like things haven't changed abit when we do : ) it makes me feel happy knowing that!

"Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are always there"

So to start of our three course meal, we had home made Bruschetta! You can find this recipe on one of my older post! click here for Bruchetta recipe

For the main course we had Pan Fried Lamb Cutlets in Rosemary and Butter, Beer battered chips, Twice Baked Potatoes, Rian and Tuyen's Special Potato Mash, Steamed Corn, Mixed Salad, and a Creamy Mushroom Sauce!

I would post the recipe for all the above but that would make this post really long hehe if you like the recipe for any of the above, just let me know in the comment box below & I will send you the recipe! If you want the recipe for the Special Mash, I will have to ask my friends about that one hehe

The winner of the night would have to be the dessert! The Deep Fried Icecream with Chocolate Sauce! Everyone was pretty full after the main meal, but for me, I always have a second stomach saved just for desserts hehe

A lot of effort and hard work went into making this delicious dessert (a process of 3 days!!) so I think it would only be right that I give all the credits to my two best friends, Anna and Crystal!!! Thanks for making this super awesome dessert guys!! And with their permission, I am now gonna share with you guys how to prepare and make the best Deep Fried Icecream with Chocolate Sauce that you will ever eat!!!

Ingredients: (serves 4)
4 large scoops vanilla ice-cream
4 eggs
1 madeira cake
2 cups panko breadcrumbs (Japanese-style crumbs)
200g dark chocolate, finely chopped
250ml cream
Vegetable oil, for deep-frying


To make Chocolate Sauce, melt chocolate on a double boiler. Bring the cream to the boil and add to chocolate, whisk the chocolate sauce until it is smooth.

Cut the cake into 8, 1/2cm slices.

Lay 2 slices of cake across each other to make a cross, place 1 scoop of ice cream in the centre and using your hands to mould the cake over the icecream to form a round ball.

Transfer onto a tray and place in the freezer immediately. Repeat with all the ice cream and cake.
Allow the ice cream balls to freeze for at least 1 hour, but the longer you leave it the easier it is to work with when its time to coat (my friends left them overnight)

Beat the egg in a shallow bowl and place the breadcrumbs onto a another plate.
Working with one ball at a time, roll them into the egg and coat with breadcrumbs and then refreeze again. This time for at least 2 hours, but preferably overnight.

When it is time to serve desserts, remove the balls from the freezer, stand for 5 minutes.
Pour oil into a saucepan. Heat on high and it is ready when a piece of bread dropped in turns brown within 15 seconds.

Deep-fry one icecream ball at a time in the oil until it is golden and crispy and drain on paper towel. This should take no longer then 10-15 seconds.


 Serve with Chocolate Sauce and strawberries......


We finished the night on a chocolate high!!! You can't get better then that :D

Happy eating my friends!!
Fat Pom Pom


  1. one of the best home cooked dinner night in a long time donut =) crissy

  2. yayy, crissy and i were so happy it turned out nicely, so glad you girls enjoyed our first attempt ever at deep fried ice cream dessert....MMMMm..
    yayy, thnx donut for posting this recipe up!!

  3. YAY!! thanks for making the awesome deep fried icecream guys :D

  4. deep fried ice cream? I want some!