Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Something new....

Hi Everyone!!

Its been a cold month in Melbourne and winter has finally arrived!! Im not much excited about the cold weather but more that I have been able to survive the cold autumn weather without catching the cold or flu off someone else : ) I guess my tips for the Winter from my Better You post has paid off after all!!!! I know I know...i shouldnt get too ahead of myself, winter has just started heheh but Il keep you guys updated : )

Anyways, you guys may have notice that I have added something new to my blog....hehe I have added a new catergory!! I finally decided it was time to expand my blog and will soon be posting tips, diy and random thoughts about health and beauty!! I love everything about being a girl : ) wearing pretty dresses and shoes and getting dressed up for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend, or a night out with my girlfriends to try awesome dessert places or just shopping to look for new trends and make up and sharing tips with each other, I am yet to try that new eyeliner from Bobbi Brown guys!!! ; P

Of course there are also bad things! For me, being a girl who has always suffered from dry, eczema and easily irritated skin, I have tried alot (and I mean heaps) of different products, as in make up, skin care, cleansers, mask, and so on, and have found a rare few to be very beneficial and suitable for my skin. I have never been one to wear heavy makeup, and I take alot of pride and care in what I put on my skin, as well as my skin care routine. I believe that instead of layering your skin with products to cover the blemishes/problems, why not try to figure out the cause of these skin problems and invest your time to address these instead, and if possible find the most natural way to address these. My favourite saying of all time would be 'Prevention is better than cure" hehe anyone who knows me would be sick of hearing this by now!!

With my skin, I have spent years trying all different kinds of skin care products and make up products to cover up and fix my skin whenever they become really dry and irritated, I would have the same reoccurring skin irritation every month and it would get worse during winter, when the weather is really hot, or when I get stress or sick. And when it starts, it takes over 1-2 weeks to go away. That doesn't leave me with many days left in the year without this irritation. I guess this is somewhat good because I have never been able to wear heavy foundation/makeup. Anyone who has ezcema would know why! Maybe my skin will benefit in other ways from all these year of not layering my face with so much makeup : )

Finally, after many trials and errors, I think I have finally figured out a skin care routine that is perfect for my skin. I found the perfect product that does wonders for my dry skin, how to deal with my skin when it gets irritated, and even better still, find out what triggers these problems and avoid them!!!! Winter is here and the air is getting dryer that usual, my skin still gets dry and irritated from time to time but I am trying my best everyday to deal with this in the most natural ways, and most importantly avoiding those things that may trigger my irritations. I still love trying out new products, but these days, I tend to go for the organic or natural sensitive skin care products. Only because the skin on my face is really sensitive, and I don't want to waste all my efforts these past few years and go back to square one.

Everyone has different skin, some are blessed with perfect skin while others ain't, but I think the most important thing is we need to learn to work with what we've got, what works perfect for one might not be suitable for another. So in saying that, I will be posting very soon about the different products that I am using at the moment and the benefits/disadvantage (if any) as well as many other products that I have used, tips and DIY that I have tried and tested!! They may or may not work as well for you as they do for me, but if you have skin like mine, why not give it a try.

In the mean time, keep warm and drink lots of water!!!
Happy reading!
Fat Pom Pom

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  1. Looking forward to the health and beauty section in your blog :)