Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mill

Hi guys,

Last Friday after work, me and my boyfriend headed to the city to look for a nice little place we could have dinner together. We made no reservations anywhere and thought maybe we could wing it and still find an awesome new place we could try : ) Thats not something I would usually do, I'm quite a planner, whereas my boyfriend, he's usually the one who wants to go somewhere or do something last minute, in a way we compliment each other where the other person lacks, and it always works out for us one way or another : ) besides I would never agree to this if I didn't already know we had a back up plan of some of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne which we knew would always have a spot for us (most of the time) hehe

Anyways, where was I, oh yeh we ended up walking to Hardware Lane, if you guys have not been there before, well its a small lane that runs between Bourke and Lonsdale Street, and they have an abundant of restaurants, cafes and bars for your picking, aswel as at night during dinner, they have a live Jazz band that entertains you while you are dining! The awesome thing about Melbourne is their many hidden lane ways filled with many wonderful and unique places : )

Hardware Lane was packed by the time we got there. We stroll through the whole lane filtering out the waiting staffs at every restaurant trying to sell us the deals of the night, and had a look at the restaurant menus on display at our own pace. We ended up picking The Mill.

We picked the following to eat:

Entree: 'Duck liver parfait with toasted brioche and date relish'

 Entree: 'Soup of the day' (can't quite remember what that was though, maybe pumpkin of some kind : P)

 Main: 'Orange and star anise confit duck on fondant potatoes and a cucumber and fresh herb salad finished with a pernod sauce'

 Main: 'Twice cooked rosemary and palm sugar smoked lamb racks on a potato galette with port jus and aspic mint'

Sides: 'Daily vegetables - Squash with hazelnut'

Overall, all the dishes were absolutely delicious and full of wonderful flavours! My favourite would have to be the Duck liver parfait with the date relish, mmmmmmmm.....yummmmo, every component of this dish complimented each other perfectly!!! Yum definitely will be back here again! Also the sauces served with both the mains was the thing that brought the dishes to the next level : ) gotta learn how to make awesome sauce someday!!

We had an awesome night and had no room left in our tummy for desserts hehe The Mill is a nice restaurant and being located in Hardware Lane, makes the dining experience there all the better : ) 

I hope you guys enjoy reading this posts. If you have not been to Hardware Lane before, do give it a try, there are many restaurants to choose from. Let me know which restaurant you pick so I can try for myself next time!!

In the mean time, be happy, smile and snuggle up to your love ones....its gonna be a cold and wet weekend!

Happy reading!
Fat Pom Pom

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