Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday Lunch!!

Hi everyone,

Its been a while hasn't it! Im starting to feel the cold weather of Melbourne and its making me feel like doing nothing else besides cuddling up with a special someone and watching some good movies :D

The cold weather can make us feel lazy but that doesn't mean the food we eat has to suffer because of our laziness hehe we tend to eat more take out and stop drinking water because the cold weather just doesn't make us as thirsty as summer does! hehe we get cold and lazy to cook fresh home cook meals and opt for the fast meals with high fat high salt content and literally no nutritional value at all! Don't get me wrong, I also a big culprit of doing this, thats why I'm owning up to it now, and trust me, though fast food tastes great but the feeling only last for a short while before reality sinks in and you feel bloated, even more tired than usual, thirsty, cranky, oily (lol if thats even possible to feel) and worse of all, you know its bad for you but you'll continue to let this bad habit take over because you're just too tired to do anything else about it!!! excuses excuses, I've had my fair share...when will we ever learn! Our health isn't gonna change on its own, and the first step to change is the most important and  is always the hardest to take.

During these colder months, its even more important to eat and exercise well to help build a strong immune system and fight against the colds and flus, I'm betting that wherever you go, you will always meet someone during your day that has a cold or cough of some sort. So, in my next post, I will be writing about little things I do throughout the day to make sure I don't suffer a long and sick winter ahead : )

Anyways, back to lunch, on one weekend that past, I was feeling lazy and decided to make something quick and tasty for lunch!

I bought a pizza foccacia from the bakery, and filled it with crispy pan fried bacon, tomatoes, spinach, caramelised spanish onions, tasty cheese and put that in the sandwich press for a few minutes. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar and black pepper before serving. What a quick and delicious lunch that was!! Only change il make is that I felt I had way too much bacon so next time il opt for a pizza foccacia without bacon on top.You can pretty much add any fillings you want, be as creative as you want but remember this little tip...less is more......and more is good when it comes to exercise and fresh healthy food only!!!

Enjoy and happy eating!!
Fat Pom Pom

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  1. Great blogpost! The pizza foccacia sure looks tasty. Excercise and good food is great and should go hand in hand. Anyway lots of movies and cuddling sounds like a great winter : )