Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jacques Reymond

Hi everyone,

Yesterday me and my boyfriend celebrated our 6 year Anniversary together!! YAY!!! We had the luxury to have dinner together at Jacques Reymond in Melbourne. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this is the only 3 hat restaurant in Victoria or at least one of the rare fews!! If you have never heard of Jacques Reymond before, check out the restaurant here Jacques Reymond.

Hehehe going to a restaurant like this for the first time, it would be silly not to go for their degustation menu which consists of 9 courses, and you get to sample all of the chefs recommendations and signature dishes!!! The restaurant itself is situated in a Victorian style mansion which was absolutely beautiful!! We were greeted by warm and friendly staffs who seated us near the fireplace. As we were seated, we were already blown away by the ambience of the restaurant!

We started our degustation course with an appetizer, a dish I believe is called 'Gougeres' (after doing some research at home hehe) which is a simple choux pastry with gruyere cheese. Very light and hollow (hehe) but very tasty!

The courses were served in the following order:

Tea smoked chicken and watercress soup, potato foam
and tempura wakame oyster, azeite dende
Gazpacho of tuna oriental style, dashi and pure natural tomato jelly,
native Davidson red plum
Flavours of autumn: deep sea rockling with anchovilly and coffee,
Mount Buffalo hazelnuts and orange oil, saffron roue dressing
Western Plains young pork shabu shabu in masterstock, fresh pappardelle,
Tasmanian wasabi espuma and ponzu juices
Gippsland white farmed rabbit and crispy squid, spiced walnuts and
compressed apples, oloroso sherry vinaigrette
Wagyu beef rump and oyster sauce, eggwhite omelette of shark fin,
grated daikon and chilli, our ketchup sorbet
Iced coffee and chocolate martini, Tahitian vanilla, caramelised nuts
 Deconstructed cheese cake: galette of fresh Gippsland fromage blanc l‘artisan,
warm fruit pudding, mountain bush pepper berries ice cream
and finally....

Coffee and petits fours (I had orange tea instead of coffee!)

Overall we were both totally blown away by the intricate details in the presentation of the dishes and the delicate and unique flavours and quality of the food!!! Every course had its own story and stood out in its own way, with each leaving us in awwws and mouthfuls of silent nods and appreciations!! If I was to pick my favourite, my highlight of the night would be the Ice Coffee and Chocolate Martini!!!! In my life, I have never tasted any dessert with so many layers and flavours that goes so perfectly well together...I don't even have a words I can use to describe it but the flavour still lingers on today hehe bitter sweet and an absolutely beautiful and perfect dessert : ) Ever heard of the saying that something is so good, its to die for...LOL well I wouldn't ever consider dying for a dessert but this comes pretty close hehe even my boyfriend who is not a dessert nut like me, thought this was the best thing he has ever tasted! Every spoonful was blissful and heavenly : )

To end an already perfect night together, we were greeted by the head chef himself, Jacques Reymond!!! We couldn't believe our eyes, we're both food nuts and have seen him on TV numerous times hehe we had the opportunity to thank him personally for the wonderful dishes and was lucky enough to take a photo with him (nope im not gonna post this picture of me and my boyfriend looking like tourists and being star struck by Jacque Reymonds hehe). I left this beautiful restaurant with a satisfied tummy and walking hand in hand with my darling boyfriend, I could ask for no other perfect ending to the night. I would like to thank my wonderful, loving (and sometimes crazy hehe) boyfriend for being the man of my life, and who has spent the last 6 years supporting and loving me in everything I do, you mean the world to me!! : ) Happy Anniversary darling!!! This post is dedicated to you. For all my family who actually reads my blog, please skip this part so you don't feel sick from reading about my lovey doveyness hehe its probably too late for that warning now haha

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog so far!! Hope you guys have an opportunity to try out Jacques Reymond someday! In the meantime, stay well and happy : )

Happy reading!
Fat Pom Pom


  1. Oh my gosh the presentation of the dishes are all sooo pretty!!! Gougeres and the desserts looks ESPECIALLY yummmy mmmm

  2. OH wow! that looks amazing! The food looks TO DIE FOR!!!! Would definitely give it a try on my anniversary with my boyfriend since I love eating french cuisine with an asian twist!

  3. ooo very high class fine dining, would love to try this place out one day ....
    ooo that macaron i shee on the dessert plate?

  4. Thanks darling, it was an amazing night and I'm so happy and fortunate to have met someone like you. I'm not a mushy kind of guy so it's taken me a while to write this comment hehe. I'm sure we'll have many more wonderful anniversaries. And yes the dessert was unbelievably good.