Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 Hi Everyone!!!

Last weekend me and my friends went to a new desert place in Melbourne called Passionflower!

The desserts here are like a dream come true for me!!! I have always been a big fan of asian desserts. At Passionflower, they have icecreams of all different flavours you can ever think of.....yes even my worse enemy....the durian hehe not to mention heaps of different variety of mix icecream flavour combo and mini desserts, crepes, chocolate, waffles, jellies, pancakes and all the strange combination of asian desserts you can think of hehe and heaps of warm and cold drinks to choose from!!!

As you can see from below, we had one of the special combos prepared in the menu, this consist of pancakes with jam and whip cream, 3 scoop icecream in waffle bowl (taro, red bean and coconut flavoured icecream), mini tiramisu, mini green tea moose, chocolate flavoured crepes filled with bananas and topped with melted chocolate and icing sugar!!! Oh i almost forget to mention they also had these strange chewy glutinous balls covered in black sesame!! What a combination! This was absolutely delicious mmmmm.......i couldn't say a bad thing about this one!
This killer one below consist of 4 scoop of icecream (jackfruit, durian, coconut and pandan flavoured icecream) topped with coconut jelly and those glutinous balls and more coconut milk!!! Looks absolutely delicious but I dared not to try this one for the durian hehe
So if your ever in the Melbourne CBD and are looking for an awesome dessert place, give this one a try!! The wide selection of icecream and desserts will keep you coming back for more : )

Autumn is here so have as much icecream as you can before it gets too cold hehe

Happy eating!
Fat Pom Pom


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