Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines!

Today is Valentines Day! My wonderful boyfriend sent me his love in a beautiful long stemmed rose in a box filled with love heart chocolates : D and then took me me dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne, Hairy Canary! Funny name but awesome food!

We had eggplant chips served with herb aioli, mushroom croquettes, a dish with clams in it and served with raisin bread (sorry cant remember what it was called hehe but the presentation of this one is amazing, the bread looks like a rock with the clams resting next to it, while the parsley looks like natural seaweed hehe) and a confit duck pizza with oyster mushrooms and tomato chutney!!!! Food was absolutely delicious and we had a beautiful night!!

If you have not tried Hairy Canary before, do give it a go and you will surely want to come back again :)
Maybe take your Valentines there next year?

Until next time, Happy Valentines Day!!

Love, Fat Pom Pom


  1. This place is awesome, the raisin bread with the mussels was a really clever combination. It was a wonderful evening, your boyfriend sure is a lucky chap :P

  2. hello donut, wats the the dish on the first pic?

  3. MMmm the food sure looks good. i'll definitely keep this lil place in mind!