Friday, December 30, 2011

My Food Adventures in Vietnam - Part 1 - Ho Chi Minh City

Hi guys!

Its been a long while, I know, perhaps the longest time I went without putting up a post :( On the bright side, the reason I haven't posted for a long while is because I was on holidays overseas in Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong!!! Woo hooo hehe well and after I got back, it was Christmas after Christmas parties, finally have some free time to myself again : )

Its good to be back home in Australia. I have heaps to tell you about my trip : D One world to describe everything....AWESOME!!! Country...Awesome....Food.....Awesome....everything was awesome!!! hehe

Vietnam was my first destination on my three week trip. Home sweet home, where I was born, where my parents were born and grew up, and where half my relatives are still living. I haven't been back to Vietnam to visit for over 17 years, last time I was there I was still a kid and had no memories of anything else except my grandma's house in Vietnam (me and my five sisters had to stay home with our grandma while our parents were out "visiting their friends", which happened everyday for the whole month that we were in Vietnam that time :P ).

My first stop in Vietnam was Saigon, or better known now as Ho Chi Minh City. The city was hot, extremely humid, over crowded with people and vehicles of all kinds. Hmmm not what I'm used to here in Australia. I must admit it was very hard to adjust to the conditions there. On arrival, we took a cab to Cho Ben Thanh, and wondered around the streets till we found a decent looking restaurant called Ton Kin for lunch. Though Vietnam is all about street food, it was our first day there and we had three weeks of traveling ahead of us, I didn't want to risk eating street food so early on in the trip hehe

We shared a few small dishes:

Traditional Spring Rolls served to rice vermicelli and fresh herbs

Freshly Grilled Prawns, Cuttlefish, and Pork served to lemon, salt and pepper dressing.

Overall, very delicious and satisfying...a little pricey for food in Vietnam, but I was willing to pay that little bit extra for the clean and air conditioned environment! hehe

Next stop, a little Cafe near Galaxy Cinema, not too sure what it was called, but we ordered some fresh coconut juice served straight from the coconut, and some fried chicken wings served tossed in a fish sauce dressing to share. Mmmmmm....another yummy and satisfying meal.

After that, it was walking around the city to explore as many parts of the city as we can for the next few hours. Overall, we spent about 6 hours in Ho Chi Minh, enough to see the city central, but not enough to truly experience the best part of Ho Chi Minh, the street food served during sun down. It was a shame, but we were scheduled to fly to Nha Trang that evening and had to go back to the airport. We got hungry whilst waiting at the airport and ate 2 minute noodles....2 minute noodles always taste better overseas hehe

Till next time, I hope you guys really enjoy this post and be on the look out for my next post about Nha Trang which hopefully will be out in the next few days, its gonna be epic!! hehe

I hope you guys have an awesome New Years Eve, party like its 1999 and stick to your new years resolution this year ok....hehe im just talking about myself...gotta exercise more this year...and drink more bubble tea...

Lots of love,
Fat Pom Pom

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  1. the food in vietnam looks so fresh and delicious!!it must've been an trip!