Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fat Pom Pom's got a new look...

Today marks an exciting change in my blogging life!

The new look for my Fat Pom Pom blog is finally here!! I absolutely love it, its everything I could ask for : D

My boyfriend designed this for me and he did an awesome job as it reflects who I am and everything I love! Thanks darling!!!

I hope you guys like it too, thank you for following my blog and I hope you guys continue to do so cause more awesome recipes and random things are coming you way
: )

Lots of Love,
Fat Pom Pom


  1. @ everyone: thanks for the positive feedback guys : D

  2. AWESOME NEW LOOK, Pom Pom!!!! love it, def suits you lil one, heheh

  3. your BF did a great job...!! =]

  4. Thanks Anna!!!!! Yeh I love the new design too :)xox

  5. Phuongie & Nguyen is the best couple ever & ever hihihi <3<3<3 i<3this page JJ :) soooo GREAT!!!
    (one of ur bestgirlfriend Phuongie, guess who am i???:))

  6. Awww thanks heaps Dona!! I knew this comment was urs : ) xoxo